Day After Activities In Shropshire

Weddings are a great excuse for a family get together – why not turn your wedding day into a wedding weekend by planning one of these day after activities!

So your family have travelled all this way and want to see more of the happy couple; whether you want to spend the day after the wedding nursing sore heads or blowing out the cobwebs – Shropshire has some fabulous day after activities for groups big or small.

1.) Shropshire Hills Walk

You can’t visit Shropshire and not visit the beautiful Shropshire Hills – if you’re getting married in summer then you should especially take advantage of the gorgeous weather and plan a little wonder amongst them. Add in a delicious pub lunch (make sure you book in advance!) and you have a fabulous day after activity to blow away the cobwebs and to see your wedding party again!

2.) Barbecue

If the weather is nice and you’ve got the space (and you’ve not had a barbecue as the meal the day before) then a barbecue is a fabulous way to round off your wedding celebrations – you can encourage people to bring their own booze and carry on the celebrations, or keep it quiet and just enjoy the company.

3.)Explore a National Trust Property

If hill walking isn’t your thing, but you fancy a wander, then why not explore one of the many National Trust Properties Shropshire has to offer? Attingham is a gorgeous place to visit, with walks of different lengths, gorgeous gardens and an interesting property to see. You could even add in a picnic and some outdoor games to keep the little ones entertained.

4.) Pub Lunch

Stick with something traditional and take any hassle away and just book tables at your favourite country pub – who can say no to a traditional country fayre? Just make sure you don’t book it too early for all those who may not be able to face a full on meal after a night of heavy drinking!

5.) Town with Tea

If your group is small then exploring one of the many market towns in Shropshire (Ludlow is a particularly nice one!) and then meeting up for afternoon tea would be a great way to round off your wedding weekend. From the gorgeous old buildings and alleyways to the little boutiques and cafes,

6.) Spa Days

Had a heavy night and in need of some TLC? A spa day may be just the ticket to help you recuperate – add in a delicious lunch and you’re away! You could find somewhere that offers more activities than spa treatments to ensure that everyones catered for if not everyone in your party would enjoy it.

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