Eight Things To Ask Your Wedding Venue

1.) How many people does the venue hold? 

Whether you’re envisioning a cosy wedding or a full blow out bash, how many people the venue can hold is important- you don’t want the room to look empty; equally there is nothing harder than having to seriously cut down your guest list! 

2.) Is it licensed for wedding ceremonies? 

Can you have the official ceremony at the venue or will you need to visit the registry office? If they aren’t licensed but you have your heart set on the venue, then you can always hire a celebrant or hold a blessing- just bear in mind the additional cost of the official ceremony in your budget. 

3.) What’s Included? 

Does the price include the wedding breakfast? Alcohol? Decor? If yes then how flexible are the choices and can they accommodate exactly what you want?

4.) Additional costs?

Is the PA included? Furniture? Table cloths? All the tiny thing you don’t expect but can’t really hold a wedding without – check they’re included because if theyre not then these unexpected costs soon add up.

5.) How long 

How long do you have the venue for? If just for the day then how will you organize set up (and sadly clean up too!)? If set up and clean down isn’t included then often you can ask to hire for the weekend for the least stress! 

6.) Suppliers

Does the venue have a list of suppliers you have to use? If so how flexible are they? Do they offer what you want for a good price? It’s a good idea to do your research before committing as this is a way to add zeros to the end of the overall cost.

7.) Corkage

Another way to see your budget mount quickly is adding alcohol in to the equation- are you planning an open bar? Can you provide your own booze? If yes then what’s the corkage? Make sure the amount you save is worth the extra stress!

8.) Timings

If the venue holds weddings regularly then often they have a dedicated wedding planner- they will be great at letting you know timings for the day and ensuring everything goes to plan – well worth their weight in gold.

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