Flowers of the Month: August


The gerbera daisy is a gorgeous splash of colour to add to any wedding bouquet or floral display; producing blooms in orange, red, pink yellow or white, if you’re after a brightly coloured flower then this is the one for you!

Meaning: Innocence, purity, cheerfulness

Interesting Fact: Gerberas always turn towards the sun.




Roses are possibly the most famous flower and are seen at lots of weddings; with such a huge selection of roses available there is no doubt that most brides or grooms could find a rose they love.

Meaning: Love, passion, humility, friendship (colour dependent)

Interesting Fact: There are over a 100 species of rose




Freesias are delicate flowers with a gorgeous citrus-y scent – these tiny flowers are a gorgeous addition to any bouquet – if you’re after a strong smelling flower then the pink and red varieties smell the most.

Meaning: Innocence, thoughtfulness, trust, friendship, sweetness,

Interesting Fact: Freesias are a member of the Iris family.




Cornflowers are an absolutely gorgeous addition to any wildflower bouquet or floral arrangement; these deep blue blooms will compliment almost any colour scheme, but would look gorgeous with white roses and gypsophila.

Meaning: Wealth, prosperity, fortune, friendship

Interesting Fact: In folklore cornflowers were worn by young men in love.

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