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This autumn, natural petal confetti specialists, Shropshire Petals have launched a limited-edition confetti petal to offer brides and grooms even more choice to an ever-growing range of biodegradable petal confetti. Each year, Shropshire Petals busily grow a selection of trial flowers and after speaking to hundreds of couples to get feedback on upcoming trends, they decided to grow a brand-new lilac cornflower and it was a huge success! Due to the long process of growing, harvesting and drying it’s important to know what colours brides and grooms want for their big day.

Lovely Lilac is a beautifully delicate cornflower that is small and narrow. To enhance the aesthetics, Shropshire Petals have mixed it with their Ivory delphinium petal, Icing Sugar, to form a magical mix called Spellbound.

The beauty of Shropshire Petals is their wonderful Pick and Mix tool, which allows couples to have lots of fun and get creative by making their own bespoke mix for their big day. For some wedding inspiration the confetti-growing experts have put together a few mixes and ideas involving this brand-new limited-edition petal.

Go Purple mad

This year, block coloured confetti mixes have been very popular, so why not mix it up and replace the ivory petal with a darker shade of purple to create a bold fusion of purple hues. By combining Lovely Lilac with Amethyst (light purple) and Midnight Bloom (dark purple) delphinium petals, you can form an alternative mix with lots of textures, which looks stunning when thrown. 

Lilac and grey with a hint of Ivory
Lilac and grey are two gorgeous shades that complement each other wonderfully. By adding a hint of ivory, the mix starts to look more traditional, which is great as it makes the mix adaptable for all wedding seasons and themes. If your bridesmaids are in lilac and the groomsmen are in grey, plan a fun photograph of just the two groups throwing confetti for an alternative confetti shot that will make this confetti mix pop!

Ultra Violet is Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018, and without a doubt it has been circling the wedding industry in style. Inspired by this eye-catching colour, Shropshire Petals launched their ‘Ultra Violet’ confetti cone, which looks stunning with Lovely Lilac and Spellbound presented inside. These petals will also look fantastic when presented it Lilac cones.

If you are looking to get the children involved in the confetti shot, then check out these adorable Lilac Star Wands with their new lilac mix inside. Simply take the lids off, hold up high and shake from side to side whilst making a wish or casting an awesome spell. These wands are not just for weddings; they are great for children’s birthday parties or even as a surprise gift at Christmas.

Lovely Lilac and Spellbound are limited editions, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t worry, if your wedding isn’t for a while and you would love Lovely Lilac and Spellbound, you can reserve your confetti by using the delayed delivery service.

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