Behind Wedding Sense: Our Love Story

For the last 6 months, we’ve been meeting some wonderful Shropshire wedding suppliers and lovely people around Shropshire. When we started Wedding Sense, we were excited but we were nervous about dipping our toe into the wedding industry. However, the response we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t have asked to meet nicer, more passionate people than we have through the magazine.

Therefore, it’s about time we introduce ourselves.

Meet Ally, Matt (and Luna)

Our story starts in the French Alps, where we were both chasing the winter: working, skiing (and attending the odd party). After both travelling the world since university, we ended up living across from each other on a mountain road. Inbetween working most daylight hours and skiing for the rest of them, we managed to spend enough nights talking until sunrise to realise that we were a match.

A bundle of joy

We spent the next few years living together in France. That was until we got the news that our couple was due to become a trio. After weighing up our options, we decided it was time to head home. We would come back to Shropshire, close to Ally’s family and where we could settle down to make a home for our family-to-be.

After Luna was born, it seemed like high time to make it official and we started to plan our wedding.

Wedding Sense

While we were planning our wedding, we saw a side to this part of the country that we loved. We were taken aback by the spectacular venues and the passionate suppliers on offer. Everyone we spoke to genuinely wanted to give their brides and grooms the best day of their lives. They didn’t just want to make a quick buck.

So, with weddings on the brain and after the best day of our lives, a seed was planted.

Ally already worked in marketing and web-design and Matt was freelancing as a graphic designer and copywriter alongside his day job, so a lightbulb pinged above our heads: we could create a quality wedding magazine focussing on our area. That way, we could reach other couples looking to plan their perfect day and celebrate some of the highlights of the wedding industry in Shropshire and the West Midlands.

With that, Wedding Sense was born.

Ally, Matt and Luna (The Wedding Sense Team)

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