Real Weddings: Ame and Simon

We had caught up with Ame and Simon to talk about their gorgeous Shropshire Real Wedding, complete with tipis and boats, on their beautiful farm. All photos thanks to Florence Fox Photography.

Hi, thanks for talking to us! First of all, could you introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about how you met?

Hi we’re Simon and Ame and we met 16 years ago, we met on a farm in between both our houses and thats that! We’ve been together ever since, we have been lucky enough to travel together and build two houses together (hopefully no more!) we are settled! We live on Simons family farm with our 14 year Jack Russell, Poppy. 

I hear you had quite a quick turnaround planning your wedding! How did that affect your planning and were there many big compromises you had to make?

We got engaged last June (2017) but we didn’t actually decide to get married this year until October and then it was another month or so before we actually set a date; we always knew we wanted to get married at home and if this was not possible I don’t think we would have had a wedding to be honest! Being able to hold it here where we had complete control so that we could have a relaxed and informal day was really important to us. We are really laid back and shy (ok Simon is, me not so much!!! ) but I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible neither of us liked the idea of a structure! To us it was just about a party with friends and family to celebrate that finally we had got round to getting married!  We didn’t actually compromise on anything we just worked out what was important to us and that was food, drink and most importantly location. 

Could you tell us about your venue and how you decided on it?

We got engaged at the lake at home and it’s our favourite place on the farm as it’s so quiet, so it made sense to get married there. The lake has an island which is accessible by a small pedestrian bridge and surrounded by a field; the field itself is made up of elephant grass which we had mowed pathways running through to give a natural feel, we cleared a patch for a carpark, tipi, bar and food van. We also had a track in and out to make sure all cars could get down to the site. 

Would you mind describing your style as a couple and how you dressed the venue?

As a couple we are really relaxed and you will find us knocking around in wellies and old clothes, we wanted to bring the outside into the tipi (from Sami Tipi) and thats how we decided on a style. We were very fortunate to have one of our mums dress our tables for us; she has so much imagination she bought it all to life. We had lots of brass, moss, pheasants feathers, hessian, fern cones and quail eggs. For the dessert table we had huge log slices which served as stands for the puddings and lots of straw bales! 

We had a Mexican street food van (Smoqued) and for the bar we had The Estate Boys who bought a cattle trailer- we didn’t want a sit down meal, we just wanted people to eat when they were hungry and they could stand, sit and dance with food and drink if they wished! 

Could you tell us about your dress and outfits?

My dress was designed and created by Sarah Willard Couture, Sarah is fantastic, she is so talented and listened to exactly what I was after! My brief was not girly, something I could run around in and must have pockets! I went along with my mum and two of my bridesmaids and tried on some of Sarah’s amazing designs in her studio but it was when I went back on my own that the ideas started to flow. Sarah really listened to me and got exactly what I wanted, each appointment after that we worked together tweaking things along the way, which is the beauty of having something designed especially for you! 

Simon’s outfit was clothes he already had in his wardrobe which was great for us! He hates shopping and it took the stress out of having to find something he was never going to wear again. 

My bridesmaids mixed and matched; I didn’t actually see all the dresses together until an hour before the wedding so it was a gamble but it all worked out fine and they all looked amazing.

What were some of the personal touches you had on the day?

For us it was all centred around the farm as we couldn’t have got anymore personal than that for us, but if I had to pick one special moment it was my nephew George, who took me my dad and bridesmaids from the house down to the field on his vintage tractor- that was a really special moment for me.  

After the ceremony Simon and I escaped in the rowing boat with a drink and went around the lake if we hadn’t taken that time then we wouldn’t have got round to it, that was a really special half an hour just the two of us. 

Were there any standout moments or funny stories?

ALL of it! I can’t believe we waited 16 years- we had the best day surrounded by friends and family – it’s not often you get all the people you care about all together in celebration! 

Finally, do you have any advice for our couples reading?

Do it your way! It’s no one else’s day if they care about you, they will support your ideas and wishes for the day!

Don’t get stressed out- it is just one day, one very special day, but essentially just a day, so it’s not worth months and months of planning and stress! The most important thing is your getting married, the small details aren’t important! 

We were also incredibly lucky with all our suppliers as we had great communication with all of them and stressed that we didn’t want fuss, which I think really helped keep us calm. They are the professionals they know what they are doing so trust them to get on with it! 


Photography: Florence Fox Photography
Food: Smoqued
Bar: The Estate Boys
Tipis: Sami Tipi
Dress: Sarah Willard Couture,

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