Shropshire Petals Mix of the Month

We love September here at Shropshire Petals as our petal harvesting is complete and autumn is peeking from around the corner! Inspired by the forthcoming change in seasons, September’s Mix of the Month is an eclectic mix of autumnal colours with hints of summer dying down as it featured burgundy, red, lilac and pink, perfect for an autumn wedding.

This dramatic mix is guaranteed to stand out beautifully when thrown during your confetti moment. September’s Mix of the Month combines Amethyst and Raspberry Fool delphinium petals, Burgundy Berry cornflower petals and Lady in Red rose petals. As well as making a bold and colourful confetti moment, this mix will also look wonderful scattered over your wedding tables to make an elegant and timeless impact.

Special Offer Alert: Shropshire Petals have decided to offer 25% off 10 litres of confetti again this month, for a limited time only. This offer proved to be very popular as couples can take advantage of purchasing their confetti for only £8.25 per litre for delphinium & wildflower petals and £9.75 for a mix of small and large petals – that’s a huge saving!

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