Six Guest Book Alternatives

Are you looking for a guest book with a difference? These guest book alternatives are a great way to remember your big day and they won’t be left on the shelf to never be opened or read! Whether it’s a game to play or art to display, these are sure to be a talking point at your wedding.

1.) Jigsaw Puzzle

Give each of your guests a piece of a puzzle – no, we don’t mean tiny pieces – we mean a large chunky piece they can write on. Can’t find a puzzle suitable? You can buy bespoke wooden ones on Etsy which are built for this purpose.

2.) Signing a Vinyl of the First Dance

All you need for this is a vinyl and some chalk pens – get your guests to sign away, and you can frame it and display it on the wall after the day is over – or you could turn it into a cool looking clock, because, let’s face it – it’s hardly usable now!

3.) Polaroid Messages

You can buy Polaroid cameras fairly cheaply online, then leave lots of pens for guests to sign the pictures with. Not only will you have some lovely messages, but also some great pictures too. Stick them all to a canvas and you have a unique photo frame – just make sure you stock up on film.

4.) Wine Bottle

If you’re providing your own booze for your big day then what better way than buying in some large champagne bottles (jeroboams are a manageable size holding six bottles). After the happy couple have been toasted and bottles are empty, leave them on the side with some metallic felt pens for your guests to write some happy messages on.

5.) Jenga Blocks

A slight alteration on the puzzle theme – every- one loves a game of Jenga, and this is great for large weddings. Leave a block by each persons table place setting (you may need to buy more than one Jenga set) with a pen, and collect them at the end of the meal. Playing Jenga and reading the notes is a perfect cure for any wedding hangover!

6.) Tip Jar

Rather than simply asking guests to sign their name, ask them to give you some tips on married life. Whether it’s date ideas, marriage wishes or just a simple message. Collect them all in a jar and save them for one year as a love- ly gift to open on what is known as the paper anniversary.

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