Spotlight on…Spinning Your Dreams

Hello! Could you introduce yourself and your business ?

We are a husband and wife team who have been photographing weddings together since 2003; we are Martin & Julia Webb. We cover all Shropshire and its surrounding counties.  We used to live in Shrewsbury and moved – just west of Shrewsbury – over 12 years ago.

Spinning Your Dreams is a really interesting name; what was the inspiration behind that?

The inspiration came from firstly that our surname is Webb and also whenever you have thoughts of a wedding day you immediately think of dreams coming true!  So we hope that our name puts over that’s what we do – capturing all those memories of dreams coming true!

How did you start as photographers and what inspired you to start doing weddings?

Martin has been a wedding photographer for over 20 years – at the beginning not in this area but over in Norfolk.  When we got married in 2003 at The Albright Hussey Manor, Shrewsbury – we also decided that all the indicators pointed towards us having our own wedding photography business and we have never looked back!

What do you think is the most important part of any wedding day?

The most important part of any wedding day is to have the day you – as a couple – would like, so that those dreams come true. Perhaps only to compromise with family demands/input if you can accept it and it works for you.  It is your day!  Hopefully all the planning is an enjoyable part of the process too.

Do you have an all-time favourite wedding photo you have taken?

It is a favourite of mine [Julia’s] as I totally feel that this little bridesmaid is dreaming of her own wedding!

Do you have any memorable wedding photographer moments?

Having covered over 15 years’ of wonderful wedding days – there are so many memorable moments. One day over a decade ago was memorable for the fact that I [Julia] married a couple who had not booked a Registrar for their Ceremony at a hotel in Shrewsbury [the hotel is no longer there]. The ceremony was in fact a mock one and was not legal – it was however something which had to be done to move the day on to the wedding celebrations.  That has always been very memorable – that we were able to help.  Most of the guests on the day did not know that it was not a proper legal ceremony.  It’s never happened again.

What is your favourite part of being a wedding photographer?

For a professional photographer – the most important part of any wedding day – is that you get a resource of natural photographs for the couple and their families to remember the day for all times.  Another aspect – which Martin and I find very rewarding indeed – is being part of the team on the day which makes everything go well and then above all have a relaxed and fun time.  Having a smooth-running, stress-free day is always our target.

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

There is so much planning to host such a big event like a wedding and there are also so many decisions to make.  We feel enough time should be given for all the planning and deciding.  Make sure you give yourselves lots of options – see many venues – see many suppliers and always, always go on gut feeling – you will know where you love and who you love for your wedding day.  If you have second thoughts early on that is probably because you need to re-evaluate your decisions for your venue and suppliers.

Any advice for the camera-shy couple?

It seems to be a very natural thing to be shy in front of the camera and especially in front of a big group of guests.  It is best not to over think it – a little pre-wedding photoshoot can totally remove those types of worries.  We find if a shy couple will have a pre-wedding photoshoot with us – they then tell us that they are so looking forward to the photography on their wedding day – that is what any professional Wedding Photographer would want to hear.  Always get to know your photographers and then you will have confidence that you can put yourselves in their hands on your wedding day. Good professional photographers know how to relax you both and make the photography a really enjoyable aspect of your big day!

What are your highlights from this wedding season?

Probably this season has been the weather.  We have had some totally gorgeous – and well, very hot – days.  For the second time in fifteen years this year – Martin had the chance to be in a helicopter with the groom and his best man to the church and then back to the marquee reception with our couple.  This makes for such amazing photographs.  Every wedding is a highlight for us – especially when we know our couples have had the dream day they planned.  Likewise, every wedding is important to us and we approach each day with our ethos of ‘follow the couple’s brief’ and help them have one of the best days of their lives.

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